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Stove Thermometer

Rutland Stove Thermometer
Stove Thermometer

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This thermometer monitors woodstove performance and tells at a glance the potential for creosote build up. It has an accuracy range (within 10% of full scale) from 100-900F (40-475C).

Directions: Install the thermometer on vertical single wall pipe of a wood or coal stove. Recommended placement is not more than 6" above the surface of the stove. It may also be placed on the top surface of the stove. A safety wire is provided to prevent the unit from dropping if it becomes overheated. The most efficient burn zone may vary depending on specific stove or are of stove or pipe surface being measured. Consult your stove owner manual for proper burn temperatures.

Accuracy range from 100-900F or 40-475C
Not designed for double wall pipe

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